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There are many advantages to patenting your inventions. Patents provide exclusive rights and help prevent others from copying your invention. They allow you to monetize your invention, for example by selling or licensing the patent, and may encourage investors to finance your venture. Patents can also deter competitors from entering your space, and help assure your freedom to operate.

Regardless of the field of your invention, our lawyers have diverse technical knowledge to enable them to work with your team efficiently to understand and develop a strategy to protect your invention. Our lawyers have backgrounds in fields from biotechnology and chemistry, through to materials science, physics and electrical engineering. The breadth of our lawyers’ experience aids our understanding of your inventions, especially when multiple areas are implicated by a particular idea.

Our lawyers have experience in all areas of patent law, including prosecuting patent applications, conducting patentability and freedom-to-operate searches, validity and non-infringement opinions, impeachment and re-examination proceedings, appeals of refused patent applications to the Patent Appeal Board, transactions and licensing, domestic and international portfolio management, and litigating patent infringement issues.

Our lawyers have worked with clients to evaluate and secure intellectual property protection for inventions such as new hardware, mobile apps, fintech, smart devices, construction technologies, medical therapeutics and diagnostics, medical devices, consumer products, sporting goods, electronic devices, food processing technologies, downhole tools, oil and gas recovery technologies, pulping processes, graphics technologies, and more.

Have a new idea worth protecting but not sure where to start? Our Patent Primer has information to explain what patents are and how the patent process works.



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