Foreign Associates


We routinely assist clients of foreign law firms to secure and enforce intellectual property rights in Canada. We can help your firm deal with various legal issues, including litigation and the preparation of infringement opinions. Our lawyers can work effectively with you to ensure that your clients’ interests in Canada are protected, and to resolve legal issues that may arise in Canada.

Based on many years of experience helping clients define and protect their innovations, Oyen Wiggs offers unparalleled strategic advice to a wide-reaching network of foreign associates around the world. Our highly skilled lawyers and agents have solid legal and technical expertise to assist with securing the intellectual property rights for foreign clients in Canada. We offer a comprehensive mix of services for secure, transparent, and efficient management of IP registrations.

Oyen Wiggs can help your firm take the guesswork out of securing your clients’ IP rights in Canada. Let our expert team of IP lawyers provide you the right tools for the right purpose to successfully file any patent or trademark application in Canada.

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