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New treatments and diagnostics are on the forefront of the Biotechnology sector, and securing intellectual property protection for these advances is essential to obtaining investment to bring them to market. Patenting biotechnology raises unique issues because of the large amount of data required to support broad patent claims, and the changing parameters of what is considered patentable subject matter. It is key to work with an intellectual property lawyer who understands the difficulties companies in this field face.

Many of Oyen Wiggs’ lawyers have advanced degrees in the life sciences, including biotechnology, biochemistry, organic chemistry, microbiology, and physiology. The lawyers in our biotechnology practice group regularly write and speak on advances in the legal landscape in this area to keep at the forefront of developments. Our technical experience and legal knowledge close the gap between your research and securing meaningful intellectual property protection for your inventions.

Examples of our work in the biotechnology sector include our lawyers assisting clients to evaluate and secure protection for new antibodies, vaccines, biomarkers for detecting specific types of cancer, diagnostic methods, engineered protein constructs, DNA sequencing technology, nucleic acid amplification technology, methods for detecting biological molecules, cytokine therapy, radiotherapeutics, and more.

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