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The Medical Device sector is diverse, and companies are generally engaged in intensive research and development, both to continuously improve their products and to come up with the next generation of ground-breaking devices. It is important to work with a firm of intellectual property lawyers who have experience with all of the technologies that can be incorporated into a medical device.

Oyen Wiggs lawyers have the experience and relevant technical background to help clients in the medical device space no matter where their innovations lie. Whether a device is purely mechanical in nature, incorporates innovative algorithms to control its function, or includes a novel material to improve biocompatibility, our lawyers can work with you to develop a comprehensive strategy for maximizing the intellectual property assets relating to the device. This strategy could include many areas of intellectual property including patents and trademarks, trade secrets, and IP licensing. Our lawyers can also defend your intellectual property rights and have a broad depth of experience in IP litigation.

Examples of our work in the medical device area include working with clients to evaluate and secure intellectual property protection for safety syringes, infusion devices, auto-injectors, drug-eluting stents, diagnostic devices, cardiac resuscitation devices, anti-seizure devices, heart valve repair devices, dental and surgical tools, and more.

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