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Consumer products span a wide range of goods, from sporting goods and athletic apparel to household appliances and portable electronics. Copyright, trademark, design and patent rights all have potential roles to play in protecting these products. Intellectual property protection may even be available for innovative packaging. It is important to work with a lawyer who can provide practical and creative advice to help you determine what forms of intellectual property protection are most suitable for your business.

Our lawyers understand the nuances of the consumer product industry. For example, our lawyers have assisted numerous companies obtain patents and industrial design registrations for innovative consumer products and packaging designs. Our in-depth services also include conducting trademark searches, obtaining trademark registrations, enforcing trademark rights, and advising clients on contractual matters such as licenses and transfers of brand rights.

Our lawyers have assisted clients to evaluate and secure intellectual property protection for artist’s tools, luggage, sporting goods, clothing, footwear, household hydroponics systems, household appliances, electronics devices, pet accessories, insect traps, cosmetic products, security devices, hand tools, and more.

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