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Intellectual property litigation comes in many forms. Patent, trademark and copyright litigation spring to mind, but intellectual property disputes can be more subtle as well. For example, disputes over ownership or inventorship can arise, breaches of confidence can occur, or license agreements may not be followed. Whether you have received a cease and desist letter or feel someone has misappropriated aspects of your business, our lawyers can assist you in reaching a resolution.

Our lawyers routinely provide offensive and defensive litigation services in complex intellectual property cases, as well as resolving matters before they escalate to formal court proceedings. In addition to experience in handling and settling litigation, our litigators have backgrounds in science or engineering. The combination of legal and technical expertise allows us to protect our clients’ intellectual property assets and enhance their competitive advantage.

Our lawyers have assisted our clients to enforce or defend patent, trademark, copyright and industrial design infringement claims, including obtaining relief such as interlocutory injunctions and Anton Piller orders,  and to handle cases involving breach of confidential information, ownership of intellectual property, trade libel and false advertising, misappropriation of personality and publicity rights, passing off, counterfeiting and breach of licence agreements.

Our litigators appear regularly before the Federal Court, the Supreme Court of British Columbia, the Trademarks Opposition Board, and the Copyright Board. We have also successfully appealed cases to the Federal Court of Appeal, the British Columbia Court of Appeal, and the Patent Appeal Board.

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