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Computers have had a significant impact on intellectual property law. From patentability of computer-implemented inventions to use of trademarks on the Internet, few areas of intellectual property law are evolving faster than those related to computers. Given the dynamic nature of the law in this field, it is key to be advised by knowledgeable lawyers who are specialists in this field.

A number of Oyen Wiggs lawyers have degrees or advanced training in electrical engineering or computer science. They also have broad experience working with software technologies, including prior work experience in software development and engineering. Our lawyers speak your language, whether it is PHP, Java, or Objective-C, and can help you protect your intellectual property.

For example, we have helped clients deal with copyright and ownership issues relating to software; prepare software development agreements and software license agreements (from computer system development agreements through to basic clickwrap agreements); evaluate and secure intellectual property protection for innovations such as graphics software, financial modelling software, gaming software, medical software and devices, and telecommunications software; and enforce copyright in source code.

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