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In the field of chemistry, pressures to patent and to publish mean that patent protection must often be sought while a technology is at a very early stage, when there is limited experimental support enabling broad patent claims. Protecting innovative chemical processes can be complex, and with patent protection becoming more difficult to obtain, the viability of trade secret protection must be carefully considered. It is important to work with a lawyer who has both technical and legal knowledge to help you identify and address these complex issues.

Our lawyers have advanced degrees in biochemistry, organic chemistry, materials science, physical chemistry, and other technical fields, and many have worked in these industries. Our technical experience closes the gap between your research and securing meaningful intellectual property protection for your inventions.

Our lawyers have assisted clients evaluate and secure intellectual property protection in areas including small molecule therapeutics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, pesticides, polymers, petrochemicals, heavy oil processing, pulping processes, water purification, nitration, struvite production, filtration technologies, formulation technologies, methods of preparing radioisotopes, and more.

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