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Many of today’s technologies are driven by advances in Materials Science, such as the impact of nanomaterials on computer chips and textiles, biomaterials on biocompatible medical devices, biomimetic materials on tissue engineering, and green materials on waste management. Given the intersection of materials science across many industries, it is important to work with an intellectual property law firm with a broad range of technical expertise among their lawyers.

Many of Oyen Wiggs’ lawyers have undergraduate and advanced degrees in fields relevant to materials science, including materials engineering, biochemistry, chemistry, and physics, and have worked in the industry in these fields. This foundation of technical knowledge assists our lawyers in understanding your complex technologies so that we can devise appropriate protection strategies. This strategy could include many areas of intellectual property including patents and trademarks, trade secrets, and IP licensing. Our lawyers can also defend your intellectual property rights and have a broad depth of experience in IP litigation.

Our lawyers have assisted clients evaluate and secure intellectual property protection in areas including nanomaterials, drug-eluting and biocompatible stents, pharmaceutical and vaccine stabilization matrices, nanocrystalline cellulose, drug releasing polymers, polymer membranes, 3-D printing technologies, textiles, materials for use in automotive parts, and more.

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