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Evolving consumer tastes and demand for quality continue to drive new products and processing technology in the Food and Beverage industry. Branding also plays an important role in this area due to the general nature of the consumer base and the significant level of competition. For example, the explosion in craft brewing and steady growth in health foods mean that companies rely heavily on their brand to distinguish them from their competitors. You need an intellectual property lawyer who can both help you protect your technical advances, and also carve out a space for your brand, in this crowded industry.

Oyen Wiggs lawyers have the legal and technical experience to understand the nuances of the food and beverage industry. For example, our lawyers have assisted numerous companies obtain patents and industrial design registrations for innovative food and beverage products, food preservation technologies, and packaging designs. Our in-depth services also include conducting trademark searches, obtaining trademark registrations, enforcing trademark rights, and advising clients on contractual matters such as licenses and transfers of brand rights.

Our lawyers have helped clients to evaluate and secure intellectual property protection for food preservation technologies, alcoholic beverages, health foods, supplements, water bottles, containers for processed foods, candy manufacturing technologies, chocolate, and more.

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