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Inventions founded on the principles of physics find application in numerous different areas. They can be implemented in mechanical, electrical or computer-implemented inventions spanning the atomic to the macro scale. Given the complexity of the subject matter, it is key to be advised by an intellectual property lawyer who has a firm grasp on the principles of physics, from Newton’s laws to the principles of quantum mechanics.

A number of Oyen Wiggs’ lawyers have advanced degrees in physics and engineering physics, as well as practical work experience in these fields. This background provides them with the foundation needed to understand a variety of inventions, and to work effectively with your team to analyze and advise on IP strategy related to those inventions. This strategy could include many areas of intellectual property including patents and trademarks, trade secrets, and IP licensing. Our lawyers can also defend your intellectual property rights and have a broad depth of experience in IP litigation.

For example, our lawyers have helped clients evaluate and secure intellectual property protection for innovations such as optics, optical displays and devices, radiation technology, technology for the concentration and analysis of biological molecules, and more.

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