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IP transactions are an important way to monetize intellectual property. Whether you are engaged in discussions with a prospective joint development partner, seeking to negotiate a license or technology transfer, or conducting due diligence for a transaction, working with a lawyer who understands intellectual property can help protect and maximize the value of such assets and avoid disputes down the road.

Our lawyers regularly advise clients on transactional matters where intellectual property plays a significant role. These matters can involve specific focused intellectual property assignments or licenses, or can relate to portions of more complex and sophisticated commercial transactions. We can also advise wherever intellectual property assets need to be considered closely in commercial business transactions (in due diligence investigations, for example).

Our lawyers prepare, review, advise on and negotiate a range of intellectual property-related agreements, such as: patent licensing or technology transfer agreements, trademark licensing and co-existence agreements, copyright licensing agreements, joint development agreements, employment or independent contractor agreements, confidentiality agreements, terms of service agreements and privacy policies. We can prepare an entire agreement for a license or a transaction, or be brought on to consider the intellectual property implications for a particular agreement.

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