Trade Secrets & Unfair Competition

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Trade secret protection can be an alternative to patent protection when public disclosure is not desirable and information can be kept confidential. Trade secrets can provide an indefinite term of protection and protect a wide range of intangible assets. However, to retain their value and status, trade secrets must remain secret. Our lawyers can assist you to develop practical strategies to safeguard trade secrets and proprietary information.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in trade secret and unfair competition law. We have helped clients to maintain trade secrets and proprietary information through non-disclosure agreements, non-compete covenants, and IP assignment agreements. When disputes arise, our lawyers assert and defend our clients’ rights concerning misappropriation of trade secrets, breach of confidential relations, and breach of implied or express agreements of fair dealing and good faith.

For example, our lawyers have assisted clients to obtain injunctive relief and otherwise handle situations involving rogue employees who have started businesses in competition with their former employers, breach of non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, theft of customer lists, misappropriation of new business ideas, trade libel and false advertising.

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