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Copyright protects the expression of ideas, whether in the literary, dramatic, musical or artistic realm, and is a key means of protecting software and apps. With the increasing ability to share content rapidly across the Internet, copyright issues arise more and more frequently. Open source licensing complicates the development and commercialization of software. Whether you are developing a new app, have received a copyright infringement complaint letter, need to enforce your copyright or clarify its ownership, our lawyers can work with you to identify key issues and provide practical advice.

Our lawyers have assisted clients with a range of copyright-related matters including representing both copyright owners and defendants in copyright infringement litigation, obtaining injunctions and Anton Piller orders against infringers and counterfeiters, preparing software license agreements, advising on copyright implications of open source licenses for computer software, preparing copyright assignment and licensing agreements, and registering copyright in Canada and internationally. Our lawyers regularly advise on copyright issues in joint development contracts, employment and independent contractor agreements, technology transfers and licenses, and author-publisher contracts. Our lawyers also have experience representing institutional clients in copyright tariff proceedings before the Copyright Board.

Examples of matters in which our lawyers have assisted our clients include preparing contracts for visual artists, composers, art galleries, photographers, illustrators and authors; resolving disputes and handling litigation relating to web sites, fashion, sculpture, paintings, toys, board games, video games, architectural works, house plans, songs, musical works, books, product catalogs, jewelry, educational material, newspapers and magazines, scientific journals and publications, business forms, design drawings, music videos and computer software; and conducting IP audits for software companies, including advising on open source issues.

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