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Mainstream recognition of climate change and the importance of resource conservation are creating opportunities in the field of cleantech and green energy. Meanwhile, investments from the public and private sectors exert pressure on businesses to secure intellectual property protection for their advancements. Due to increasingly competitive demands this area, you need a lawyer who can work with your team to identify opportunities for protecting your R&D investment.

Oyen Wiggs’ lawyers have a variety of technical backgrounds to help clients in the green technology space no matter where their innovations lie. Several of our lawyers have advanced degrees in chemistry, biotechnology, physics and engineering. From assisting with due diligence, patent searches, and patent portfolio development, to leveraging special considerations given to green technologies by patent offices in Canada, the US and abroad, our lawyers are experienced guides to help you navigate the intellectual property maze in this sector.

For example, our lawyers have helped clients to evaluate and secure intellectual property protection for biodiesel, fuel cells, wind turbines, LEDs, wastewater treatment, building components, electric car charging technologies, methods and systems for recycling, carbon capture and storage technologies, and more.

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