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The Life Sciences sector can be a difficult place to navigate. Funding requirements are high, and the time until investors can see a return on investment is long. Having a sound intellectual property strategy and understanding freedom-to-operate issues from almost day one is a prerequisite to success in this industry. On top of this, changes in the law continue to make it more difficult to obtain broad patent protection for biotechnological and chemical inventions, and the patentability of certain diagnostic methods critical to personalized medicine is currently in a state of uncertainty. You need a lawyer with both technical and legal knowledge to help you identify and address these complex issues.

Oyen Wiggs lawyers have advanced degrees in the life sciences, including biotechnology, biochemistry, organic chemistry, microbiology, and physiology. Using this background, our lawyers quickly gain an understanding of our clients’ innovations to better appreciate their needs.

We have worked with a wide range of clients to evaluate and secure intellectual property protection for antibodies, cannabis-related inventions, vaccines, biomarkers for detecting specific types of cancer, diagnostic methods, engineered protein constructs, DNA sequencing technology, nucleic acid amplification technology, methods for detecting biological molecules, cytokine therapy, radiotherapeutics, small molecule therapeutics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, pesticides, polymers, formulation technologies, technologies for preserving food and pharmaceuticals, and more.

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