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ACTIVE AgriScience

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A local success story, ACTIVE AgriScience is one of BC’s fastest-growing tech companies. The local success story develops and provides biological & chemical seed treatments, foliar plant nutrition and nitrogen stabilization globally. To develop their technology, they perform research in partnership with Canadian and American universities, and with a focus on improving production, quality & profits for growers, while reducing their impact on the environment. What started in Abbotsford, British Columbia has expanded through Canada into the United States and around the world.

Key to the growth of ACTIVE AgriScience has been their intellectual property, and in particular their patent portfolio. Patenting their technology has allowed them to license their technology to international manufacturers, further fueling their growth worldwide. Equally important, by providing their products under license, they have been able to share the benefits of their products faster and further, with less risk of copycats undercutting them.

From the early stages, Oyen Wiggs has supported ACTIVE AgriScience in protecting their now patented technologies. By developing an intellectual property strategy to support their rapid growth, Oyen Wiggs has supported their expansion from Abbotsford to around the globe. Oyen Wiggs and its lawyers are proud to partner with them on their exciting journey.

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