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Terramera Inc.


Terramera is a Vancouver-based startup focused on cultivating healthy homes and plants and making organic food and sustainable farming more productive and abundant. The company is focused on developing environmentally friendly pesticides and agrochemicals using plant-based active components and green chemistry. Through technology capable of stabilizing and delivering complex plant biochemicals more effectively, Terramera can produce products that are equally or more effective than conventional chemical pesticides, without negative downsides like toxicity, environmental persistence and insect resistance.

Terramera’s technology has a proven track record. Their products for treatment of bed bugs, for which there is no other effective pesticide that can kill adult bed bugs, nymphs and eggs, are currently being sold commercially in the U.S. market. Terramera continues its research and development efforts to expand its intellectual property portfolio and bring new products to market that will have additional applications in the agricultural field.

Oyen Wiggs has been proud to work with Terramera from the beginning, supporting their intellectual property strategy development from an early stage. Our firm provided preliminary advice to Terramera at the provisional patent application stage, and has continued to work with the company to develop and execute an intellectual property strategy tailored to their specific needs. By leveraging a mix of provisional, PCT, and national phase patent applications, our firm is helping Terramera to secure the patent protection it needs to obtain investment and protect its innovations. Throughout the process of developing its patent portfolio, we have also tried to be sensitive to Terramera’s need as an early stage venture for a level of certainty and predictability as to the budget required each year.

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