CBA WEST 2017 CONFERENCE – The Supple Lawyer: Tools for Reclaiming Health and Mobility from a Deskbound Occupation

Stephanie Melnychuk along with Madam Justice Michele Hollins will be speaking at the upcoming CBA West 2017 Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada from November 17 – 19, 2017.

The Supple Lawyer: Tools for Reclaiming Health and Mobility from a Deskbound Occupation

Stress is a fact of life for everyone, and lawyers are no exception.  The demands on legal professionals can be daunting.  Finding balance is at best of times difficult, and often seemingly impossible.  Juggling competing demands on time takes heavy emotional and mental tolls, which can lead to stress, anxiety, burnout, and depression.  On top of emotional and mental health tolls, evidence is mounting that the kind of prolonged sitting most lawyers do every day is killing them.  Too much sitting has been equated to smoking.  It contributes to a host of disease—obesity, diabetes, cancer, depression.  Conventional office spaces and a profession that demands long hours in front of a computer are deleterious to our health and mental wellbeing.

In this webinar/presentation, Stephanie Melnychuk addresses how strong mental health starts with physical health.  She shows how your chair is shortening your life and compromising your daily routines and mental health.  Stephanie offers simple, elegant solutions for reclaiming mobility, freedom from pain, and mental wellbeing.  By reducing the amount of time you spend seated, Stephanie will improve your productivity and your overall physical and mental health.  You will learn how to identify and fix poor posture while seated and standing; how to build movement into your day to support physical stamina; how to recuperate sleep; and how to improve your general health and wellbeing with effortless strategies, all without placing further burdens on your time and capacity.

Stephanie is fitness fanatic and associate at Oyen Wiggs, an intellectual property boutique in Vancouver, British Columbia.  While prosecuting trademark applications and patent applications in the mechanical and chemical arts, she recently completed a full Ironman in Whistler, British Columbia and is training to compete in the 350-mile Iditarod Trail Invitation fat bike race in Alaska in 2017. Stephanie understands that strenuous exercise isn’t for everyone and is passionate about drawing from her background in biochemistry and organic chemistry to share some simple tips and tricks to create healthy and supple lawyers from the most sedentary of the lot.