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Jury Speaks in Favour of Sonos

On 26 May 2023, a jury in the US found Google to have infringed one of Sonos Inc.’s patents pertaining to smart-speakers. The jury decided that Google had to pay Sonos $32.5 million USD.

The patent found to be infringed was United States Patent No. 10,848,885 titled “ZONE SCENE MANAGEMENT.”

Sonos also alleged that Google infringed Sonos Inc.’s United States Patent No. 10,469,966 also titled “ZONE SCENE MANAGEMENT.” The jury came to the decision that Google did not infringe this patent.

The decision from 26 May 2023, is part of a longstanding intellectual property dispute between Google and Sonos that involves lawsuits in the US, Canada, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. The dispute began with Sonos suing Google in California in 2020. Google has also initiated actions against Sonos for patent infringement. Google has accused Sonos of infringing US Patent No. 10,593,330 titled “HOTWORD DETECTION ON MULITPLE DEVICES,” US Patent No. 10,134,398 also titled “HOTWORD DETECTION ON MULTIPLE DEVICES,” and US Patent No. 7,705,565 titled “METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR WIRELESS CHARGING.”

In the past, Google and Sonos collaborated to integrate Mountain View, a streaming music service, into Sonos products.

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