CBA Solutions Series 2017 Webinar: Wellness At Your Desk: Physical and Mental Health Tips for Busy Lawyers

The demands on legal professionals can be daunting.  Juggling competing demands on time takes heavy emotional and mental tolls, which can lead to stress, anxiety, burnout, and depression.  On top of emotional and mental health effects, evidence is mounting that the kind of prolonged sitting most lawyers do every day is contributing to a host of diseases – including obesity, diabetes, and cancer.

While most lawyers appreciate the importance of physical and mental health, the realities of the legal profession make the idea of work-life balance a seemingly impossible goal. However, it is possible to learn how to identify aspects of our work lives that impact our physical and mental wellness and to take targeted action to mitigate the negative effects of stress and competing demands.

Stephanie Melnychuk will be one of two speakers who will provide an overview of the ways the legal profession impacts wellbeing and the relationship between mental and physical health. They will also offer practical ways to push back and reclaim physical and mental health.

This webinar will cover topics including:

•    Understanding how a deskbound occupation impacts your physical and mental health
•    Identifying and fixing poor posture while seated and standing;
•    Detecting early signs of toxic stress and practical strategies for dealing with it
•    Building movement into your day to reclaim mobility and freedom from pain
•    Reclaiming and prioritizing sleep, and improving productivity
•    How to create your own desk wellness ‘toolbox’