Filing Information for Trademarks

In order to obtain a trademark filing date in Canada no documents need be signed by the applicant. In every case, we as agents can sign all necessary papers required for a filing date.

1. Items Needed to Obtain a Filing Date

  • identification of the trademark, including:
    1. for a word mark, confirmation that the mark is in standard characters;
    2. for a design mark, a good quality image of the design, preferably in PDF, JPEG, or TIFF format
  • list of goods and/or services (a single application may include goods and/or services of different classes); and
  • name and address of the applicant.

2. Requirements for Design and Non-Traditional Marks

In the case of an application that pertains to a design, if colour is claimed as a feature of the trademark, the image file provided to us should be in colour. If colour is not claimed as a feature of the trademark, the image file provided to us should be in black and white.  In the case of an application for a non-traditional trademark such as scent, taste, hologram, motion mark, sound mark or the like, please communicate with us further well in advance of the filing deadline so that we can determine what should be included in the application to secure a filing date.

3. Convention Priority

Convention priority must be claimed within six months of the filing date of the earliest priority application.  Please provide us with the country, application serial number, and filing date of the first-filed application. We do not require a certified copy of the priority document.

For more information please contact us.