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X Social Media LLC sues X Corp (Formerly Twitter Inc) for Trademark Infringement

X Social Media LLC has sued X Corp. (previously known as Twitter Inc.) after the latter’s rebrand of its social media platform from Twitter to “X” in July.

X Social Media is a Florida-based company that, through advertisements primarily on Facebook, seeks to inform consumers of potentially dangerous goods and services and connect injured consumers with legal assistance to seek redress for their injuries.  X Social Media also owns a U.S. trademark registration for the trademark X SOCIALMEDIA.

In a complaint filed 2 October 2023, X Social Media alleged that X Corp was aware of X Social Media’s activities and trademarks before adopting X in association with its own social media platform (i.e. Twitter). X Social Media argued that the adoption of X in association with the social media platform is likely to cause confusion with its trademark X SOCIALMEDIA. The complaint also includes causes of action for unfair competition and deceptive business practices under Florida law.  X Social Media seeks an injunction and treble damages.

As of date of writing, X Corp. has not filed a response.

More information may be found here.

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