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Patagonia Sues Gap for Copying Flap Pocket Design

Patagonia Inc., a high-end outdoor clothing retailer, sued Gap Inc. for allegedly copying their snapped flap pocket it has used on fleece outwear.

Only one month after suing Walmart Inc. and Robin Ruth USA for trademark infringement of their P-6 Trout logo, on November 22, 2022 Patagonia sued Gap for “willfully and deliberately selling fleece jackets that mimic its flap pocket and rectangular “P-6” logo without permission”.

As reported by Reuters, Patagonia refers to its snapped flap pocket as “iconic”, having been used on the Snap-T pullover fleece since 1989.  It further claims that the Snap-T design has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

The complaint cites an online review posted by a Gap customer referring to a Gap product as an “obvious Patagonia ripoff”.

Patagonia claims that Gap’s “adoption of designs and logos bearing even more similarity cannot have occurred by accident” as in the past they warned Gap to stop copying their products.

Gap has yet to file a response to the complaint.

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