Panning for Gold in the Green Rush: IP Protection for the Burgeoning Marijuana Industry

With the impending legalization of marijuana, there is tremendous interest in this plant that has long lurked in the shadows of illegality.  There is also significant interest in the medicinal qualities of marijuana and some of its key components, which are useful in managing chronic pain and show promise in the treatment of numerous disorders.  With such commercial interest comes a desire to invest in this sector, and to ensure that investment is protected through appropriate intellectual property rights.

Jennifer Marles (Oyen Wiggs) and Gina Lupino (Lupino Law) will discuss a number of tools in the IP professional’s toolkit — including patents, plant patents, plant breeders’ rights, trade secrets and trademarks — that can potentially be used to protect marijuana-related innovations.  This talk will provide an overview of how intellectual property protection may be applied to various aspects of marijuana production, processing and use, including protection for new marijuana strains themselves.

This session is targeted at those who are involved with or have an interest in protecting intellectual property in a marijuana-related business, including innovators, technology managers, intellectual property professionals, investors, researchers, and marketing professionals.  The focus of the session will be on identifying various aspects of marijuana-related technologies that are potentially protectable, with an emphasis on illustrative US and Canadian examples.

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