IP Protection for the Cannabis Industry

We are proud to be sponsoring an upcoming event with Life Sciences British Columbia called IP Protection for the Cannabis Industry on May 10, 2018 from 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm. at the Sheraton Wall Centre, Vancouver BC.

An event announcement for IP Protection for the Cannabis Industry. Speakers include Jennifer Marles, Intellectual Property Lawyer at Oyen Wiggs

Our partner, Jennifer Marles, Gina Lupino, a registered US patent attorney and Dr. Jonathan Page, co-founder and CEO of Anandia Labs, will be speaking about using IP to Protect Medical Applications of Cannabis:  Tips and Strategies for Innovators.

With the impending legalization of recreational cannabis, there is tremendous interest in a plant that has long lurked in the shadows of illegality.  There is also significant interest in the medicinal qualities of cannabis and some of its key components, which are useful in managing chronic pain and show promise in the treatment of numerous disorders.  With such unexplored ground comes the potential to develop new innovations, and a need to protect those innovations in the best way possible.

There are a number of ways that intellectual property (IP) can be used to protect cannabis-related innovations.  This session will outline how IP can be applied to help businesses secure the value of new innovations relating to medical applications of cannabis.  Specific examples of medical applications of cannabis or cannabinoids that have been patented or are the subject of pending patent applications will be given, and compared to contrasting examples of situations where trade secret protection might be considered over patent protection.  Different strategies for protecting new strains of cannabis will be discussed, as well as the interplay between plant breeders’ rights and trademark rights when the names of new strains are to be protected.

This session will be of interest to those concerned with IP strategy for companies investigating new medical applications of cannabis or new cannabis strains, as well as to investors looking to ensure that their investments in this sector will be protected.  This session will also offer those who are interested in the cannabis industry generally an opportunity to learn more about some of the unique considerations that apply to using IP to protect cannabis-related innovations.

To register:  http://lifesciencesbc.ca/event/ip-protection-for-the-cannabis-industry/


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