How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Intellectual Property Landscape

Artificial Intelligence has been one of the major business trends of 2023 so far. Whether you’re AI-curious or you’ve enthusiastically taken to tools like ChatGPT, the potential of this powerful technology is only beginning to be explored. One major way AI will impact small businesses is in the Intellectual Property (IP) area. Whether or not your business engages with AI tools, understanding the IP implications will help you avoid legal conflicts and protect your business.

On World Intellectual Property Day, join us for this special lunch & learn webinar hosted by Jennnifer Marles and Stephanie Curcio, NLPatent.  You’ll receive an overview of what AI is, the some of many business applications of natural language processing, and some key IP considerations relating to AI.

What you will learn:

  • Understanding what artificial intelligence and natural language processing is
  • How these tools may impact your business
  • What intellectual property is and how it is impacted by AI
  • Legal implications when using AI in your business

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