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CPATA to revise Patent and Trademark Agent Classes

Beginning next spring, the College of Patent Agents and Trademark Agents (CPATA) will revise certain features of one of its licensee classes and introduce a new inactive class.

Currently, CPATA has three classes of agents: Class 1 Active, Class 2 restricted, and Class 3 agent-in-training.  The original intent of the Class 2 restricted license was to allow agents temporarily or permanently leaving practice to maintain a license.  However, CPATA found during a recent licensee survey that certain Class 2 licensees still engaged in IP practice.  This presents a risk to the public in that Class 2 licensees are not covered by insurance and have no continuing professional development requirements.

As a result, CPATA is introducing the Class 4 inactive license to fulfill the original intent of the Class 2 license.  Class 4 licensees will be exempt from insurance and professional development requirements but cannot practice IP.

Additionally, Class 2 licensees will have to carry professional liability insurance and undertake continuing professional development.  Class 2 licensees will also be subject to a fee increase, to be determined.

For more information, please see CPATA’s article here.

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