Checklist for Meeting with Oyen Wiggs Regarding Your Invention

When you are ready to review your invention, here is a checklist to help you provide the information and materials that will be helpful for an initial meeting.  Do not worry if you do not have everything listed – it is better to get some advice at an early stage to start out on the right foot.

  1. What is your invention and how does it work?
    – Drawings or a prototype are helpful, but not required
  2. What is the problem solved by your invention?
  3. How do prior approaches fail to solve this problem, or how does your invention solve the problem in a better way?
  4. What similar ideas or products are you aware of?
  5. Have you done any preliminary patent searching?
    – If yes, please bring copies of relevant documents or a list of patent numbers
  6. Did you work with anyone else to develop the invention?
  7. Who came up with the idea for the invention, and when?
  8. Have you told anyone about the invention?
    – If yes, when?
  9. Have any details of the invention been published, or have you given any demonstrations of the invention?
    – If yes, when and where?
  10. Have you started selling the invention?
    – If yes, when?
  11. Are or were any of the people working on the invention located in a foreign country?
    – If yes, which country(ies)?
  12. Are or were any of the people working on the invention employees of the federal government, including serving in the military or reserves?