Checklist for Meeting with Oyen Wiggs Regarding your Brand

When you are ready to discuss protecting your brand, here is a checklist to help you provide the information and materials that will be helpful for an initial meeting.  Don’t worry if you don’t have everything listed – it is better to get some advice at an early stage to start out on the right foot.

  • What elements of your business or product do you see as reflecting your brand?
    – Do you have any distinctive packaging?
    – Does your product have any unique visual features?
  • What is your trademark?
  • Does your trademark have an English translation, or is it a made-up word?
  • Who owns the trademark?
  • Did any other entity use or own the trademark before you?
  • Have you done any searching for similar trademarks being used by others?
    – If so, please bring details of those similar trademarks (e.g. print-outs from online searches).
  • What products will be sold in connection with your trademark?
  • What services will be provided in connection with your trademark?
  • Have you started selling products or providing services using your trademark?
    – If so, please bring specimens or photographs showing how the trademark is used.
  • Is your trademark being used by any other person or company?
    – If so, please explain the relationship between yourself and the other person or company.
  • Where will the trademark be used?
    – What countries are you doing business in or likely to do business in?