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Jayde Wood is an intellectual property lawyer at Oyen Wiggs. Her practice focuses on the strategic creation and development of IP assets, particularly patents and trademarks. She has worked with a variety of clients, including those in the biotechnology, food processing, renewable energy and consumer products sectors.

Prior to being a lawyer, Jayde conducted research on antimicrobial resistance, phylogenetic grouping, and DNA fingerprinting of food borne microorganisms. Jayde uses her experience in microbiology and food science to help clients with all aspects related to IP.

Having spent 15 years in Beijing China, Jayde is fluent in written and spoken Mandarin Chinese, and is able to deliver legal services in Chinese. She has assisted clients with securing IP protection in China.

Outside of the office, Jayde is an active volunteer in the legal community. She is an executive member of the Intellectual Property & Technology Law section of the Canadian Bar Association (British Columbia Branch) and a committee member of the Women’s Intellectual Property Networking Group of the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada. Previously, she was on the board of Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers (British Columbia).

** Jayde is currently pursuing a Master of Law in Law and Technology from the University of California, Berkeley School of Law.

Jayde Wood 是Oyen Wiggs的知识产权律师。 她的业务重点是帮助客户取得和发展知识产权资产,特别是专利和商标。 她的客户包括生物技术,食品加工,可再生能源和消费品行业。


在担任律师之前,Jayde从the University of British Columbia取得科学本科和硕士学位。她对食源性微生物的抗菌素耐药性,系统发育分组和DNA指纹图谱进行了研究。 Jayde Wood利用自己在微生物学和食品科学方面的经验,帮助客户解决与知识产权相关的各个方面。


  • Law Society of British Columbia
  • Canadian Bar Association
  • Intellectual Property Institute of Canada (IPIC)
  • Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers (BC Chapter)
  • BC Food Technologists Association